5 Best Travel Gifts for Traveling Couples

Most newly married couples embark on their new life by first traveling together. It helps them get away from all the pressure their family and friends give them. It is also a moment where they can spend time together and savior the fact that they are really husband and wife. If you have a friend that is in this situation, here are some excellent gift ideas that you can use.

Travel Journal

Giving the couple a travel journal where they can keep notes of their new experiences as a couple is just the best gift idea. They can write and take note every detail from their trip that they want to remember for the rest of their lives. They can also put some reminders in the journal while they are making their itinerary for the trip. They can also put in some pictures from their trip and put funny captions. At the end of the trip, it can also be converted into a scrapbook which they can share to their family and friends once they come back.

Scratch Map

Maps are essential to every traveler but a scratch map just ups the notch into another level. It is one of the best travel gifts because it is functional and very useful. Since the couple is just starting their journey, they can take the scratch map as their guide to the other explorations that they want achieve next. They can mark the first location that they have conquered and then mark the other places that they accomplish next. The map will reflect the journey that they are taking together.

Good Book

Traveling can have some downtimes too like waiting for your flight or taking a 12-hour bus ride to your destination. A good book to read during these times would be a perfect travel gift. Just make sure that the book that you are going to give is within the interest of your recipient.

Double-sized Traveling Sheets

During the trip, there are a lot of rides that the couple will take. There will surely be sheets available in the plane but a personal sheet that they both can fit would just be better. They can share the sheets together while reading a book or taking a short rest while they hug and cuddle.

Couple Shirts

It might be an overboard for some but, why not, their newl

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