Best Travel Search Engines

Probably you are expecting one of those typical articles full of affiliate links to many different search engines saying that all them are great and that if they don’t find the best discounts for you nobody will. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s an incredibly mistaken point of view. If you want to find this, you have chosen the wrong article Instead, I’m going to criticize a bit around and make all the search engines lose a bit of publicity. Still, for the ones that can’t avoid it, I will give you my less worst options.

I love to speak bad about travel search engines, and creating an article on best travel search engines sounded like a crazy idea to me, as I don’t think any of them can be called “best”. In any case, let’s go on with the topic.

First question: Are the best travel search engines the ones that are more famous and appear at the top of the page in Google? Again, it is very disappointing. I know you love Internet because it does things for you and you save time. I must say “no” to this question. Unfortunately, the most famous search engines are the ones that have more affiliate links pointing to them, which means that they are the ones that have the best compensation plans for affiliates.

I know I’m a bit strange to make publicity of search engines for free, probably I should do as everybody and get affiliated and earn commissions from telling you that they are fantastic. Probably. But I really don’t feel like it. In fact, I have just found one good search engine with a bad compensation plan that I use, but I’m not going to mention it here as this is not the intention of the article.

What is the best recommendation I can give out then? This article was supposed to tell you which are the best travel search engines and I am just saying bad things about them! Well, the answer is really to avoid them, and the reason for the title is to attract people like you that think that search engines can solve their life, simply to tell you that the best you can do it forget about their existence and use them only to see how much the retail price is for a certain trip.

You can use Qixo to do that, that puts together all the search engines in just one. A bit of waiting but you will find the best standard published rate. Once you have that number, use it to compare with the real discounted deals that you will find if you look around. A good way to stay informed is to do the same as me, getting the weekly newsletter from TravelZoo where the 20 best deals of the week are listed in your location. In their page you also will be able to browse the best 20 for hotels, airfare, cruises, rental cars, etc. It is a shame that they don’t have an affiliate program because I certainly would love to work together with this guys!

Apart from travel deals there are also many ways you can get travel certificates that will enable 80% discounts or more in accommodation and airfare, but that would be another article. Google my name and you’ll find a lot about that!

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